ARIIX Compensation Plan – 8 ways to get paid!

This industry isn’t for everyone… It may not be for you.

But what if it is? What if you could create the life you’ve always wanted? What would you do today? Tomorrow?

Are you looking to work for a business or be a business partner?

With ARIIX, you’re offered a true partnership you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, we split every single dollar with you 50/50. With a compensation plan voted Best in the World and the highest earning potential industrywide, we empower you to succeed. Unlike a traditional job where you trade hours for pay. When you become an ARIIX representative, you can choose from 8 different ways to earn. Choose from one or all. It’s up to you to choose which one is best for you and your lifestyle.

  1. Buy wholesale as a representative at a 30 percent discount. Sell retail and keep the difference, it’s that simple.
  2. Earn up to 30 percent from each order your new customers place within their first four weeks.
  3. Earn a percentage of all team sales on top of your sales. It’s that simple!
  4. Help your teams expand their sales and receive a growing percentage of their commissions, up to seven generations.
  5. Get an additional percentage of your commissions that are set aside until you’ve saved $10,000. For your new car. Bling. College tuition or whatever else you want.
  6. Qualify for a share of two percent of worldwide product sales volume by optimizing an income position. Which happens through team product sales. Each pay line you add through product sales increases your opportunity to earn.
  7. Gain shares from another one percent of worldwide product sales volume every time you optimize a second pay line.
  8. Get the passport stamps worth bragging about. With ARIIX incentive trips and make friends in the process.

So, who can be an ARIIX representative?




Political figures

Stay at home moms

People from every walk of life are building a successful ARIIX business right now. And ARIIX representatives can create a life on their terms and never look back.

Anything is possible, with the World’s Best Compensation Plan. Active8 is straightforward, without loopholes or gimmicks. With minimal rules an ARIIX representative can feel confident. They are receiving the highest Compensation in the Industry. As promised and never a penny less.

No. This industry isn’t for everyone… But you aren’t everyone. You are unique. Otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this video looking for a better opportunity, would you?

It’s time to create your dream life. It’s time for ARIIX.

For more details click here to review the Ariix Compensation Plan

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