ARIIX Puritii Filter Tutorial

Hi ARIIX family.
I’m Tom Jackson, Executive Director of Product Development. And today, I want to talk about this wonderful new PURITII bottle and filter. Hopefully there are a lot of you who have your hands on this already and are loving it as much as I do.

Today I want to just go over a really quick tip. Something that you’re going to notice as you first unbox and an assembled this product. Most of these filters have to be purge when you first buy them. The PURITII filter is no different.

One of the things, if you look at the PURITII filter is that it has a core in the middle a solid core of zeolite and activated carbon. And what happens when you put those materials together, is oftentimes you get a very fine dust, that’s left over and this is what will actually come up through the straw the first time that you use the product.

So if we put this together. And you can discard the little red cap. As you put your PURITII filter and bottle together and fill it. Just fill the bottle up to the fill line. You’ll see that little mark up there with the three water drops.

You may notice, that the first time you drink through here, you’ll see a little bit of that fine dust coming up through the straw. Now again this is very normal, any of you who have purchased filters before are used to seeing this charcoal come through. You’re used to seeing that have to work its way out. Again, it’s just the dust that’s left behind as you fill this core of charcoal and zeolite. So as you drink this, and you may notice again just a little bit of that discoloration coming up.

It is perfectly safe, it’s beneficial, in fact you can actually look at it as getting a free mouthful of RESTORIIX because that’s basically the same components that we use in the RESTORIIX, zeolite and carbon. That is just one of the tips and tricks with the new PURITII bottle and filter. Something that you’ll notice as you one package and put this together for the first time and use it for the first time. We just want you to be aware of that and be aware that it’s not an issue, it’s not a problem and it is just part of the design and we really do hope you enjoy this. Again, broad spectrum, contaminant removal, zero maintenance, wonderful flow rate, wonderful high quality bottle. We really hope you love this as much as we do. We’re proud to have this on the market now and go enjoy pure clean high quality water.

Get your Ariix Puritii Filter here.

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