Why capsules are better then tablets

The supplement industry has several options for delivering their ingredients to you.  The consumer.  We have capsules. We have tablets. We have liquid form.  We have powered stick packs, right?

In ARIIX, we choose to use capsules for the NUTRIFII line. Why?



Well, we use capsules for a very specific reason. But before we go there, let’s talk about maybe the tableting industry, because lots of our competitors use tablets. Why do people use tablets?

Well first of all they’re less expensive to make. So a lot of companies who care more about their margins than they do on the delivery method, will use that type of a delivery method.

I have a problem with tablets because when you look at a tablet, you take really sensitive, raw ingredients and make it all stick together as a tablet, it requires binders and chemicals. I like to call them glues. And you have to put all those non-nutritive ingredients into the tablet to make it hold its form. And not only that, tablets machines put twenty thousand pounds of pressure on each tablet, just to make that tablet. Which produces heat and that heat and pressure is known to degrade the nutrients.


Why capsules are better

So when we looked at the data and we said, hey, I mean, if you look at the actual data. Consumers prefer capsules because they’re easier to swallow. They don’t get stuck in your throat. They work quickly. They leave no bad aftertaste. You know they’re gentle. They’re easy on the stomach and they don’t cause like acid, indigestion issues so often tablets can do.

So in ARIIX NUTRIFII line, we use an O.T.C. pharmaceutical grade capsule. Which has an actual measured dissolve rate. They’re easy to swallow. They meet all your consumers’ needs. They might be slightly more expensive for us but you and your customers will appreciate the benefits they have to offer.

So next time you’re making a choice, my suggestion is you always go capsules.

Why capsules are better then tablets

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